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"Michelle Petrucci’s superpower lies in identifying the unique potential of her students in various theatrical disciplines and expanding their capacity for specialized artistic growth. 

She is bringing up the next generation of ‘big picture’ thinkers to appreciate the holistic artistic process while enriching their arts education with professional expertise and access to networks of industry leaders."

Jamie Salinger

DSOA Theatre '16

Broadway Stage Management: Kimberly Akimbo, The Lion King, MJ The Musical

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"Michelle, (or as I know her, Ms.P) is the pinnacle of what I believe an artist should be. Throughout my four years working together in Pippin, And the World Goes 'Round, and a multitude of theatre and dance classes, she has taught me humility, perseverance, and dedication. She truly helped me hone my artistry through her dance technique classes and provided a safe, warm, inviting environment in every class she taught or rehearsal space she directed. I could not have asked for a better teacher and mentor."

Karma Carr

DSOA Theatre '23

Theatre Major, Chapman University

TikTok star known for 'Girl Dinner'

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“Ms. Petrucci has the skills, knowledge, compassion, and New Jersey grit that make her a dynamite teacher, director, choreographer, performer, and mentor. Under Ms. Petrucci’s guidance, I was given the tools, resources, and freedom to unapologetically explore and develop my own artistry as a performer and choreographer. Truch is truly a gift and I am forever grateful to her both as a student and friend.”

Darah Abrams

DSOA Theatre '18

BFA Musical Theatre, Pace University

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"I have worked with Michelle for over ten years, and she is a fabulous choreographer and director. She is a dream to collaborate with on any style of production. Her kind, patient, and caring demeanor allows students and artists to be freely creative and, with her expert guidance, helps them push themselves further in their artistry."

Penny Williams

Professional Costume Designer & DSOA Theatre Artist-In-Residence

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"Ms. P is an amazing educator and cultivator of the arts. In my time as her student, I was able to truly grow and learn from her. Corrections are always enforced, of course, but in a caring and nurturing way. I can still hear “show your jewels”, “shoulders down”, “dance on ice”, and “energy through the fingertips” every time I dance. Additionally, her plethora of industry knowledge made all of her students prepared, dedicated, and engaged in rehearsals in her time as director. She prepared us for the real world. Her teaching sticks and creates such a creative environment for students. Structure Frees Creativity is always her motto and she certainly keeps her word."

Brooke DeBeer

DSOA Theatre '21

Professional Musical Theatre Performer

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Angelina Tharitimanont headshot.heic

"Since my first dance class with Ms. P many years ago, she has not only helped improve my dance skills but also instilled in me the confidence and determination needed to succeed in the entertainment industry. I am very grateful for Ms. P’s guidance and support throughout my college audition process. She creates a classroom that feels like a safe space to take chances and grow. Ms. P sees great potential in her students and follows through with an artistic vision and exceptional choreography that elevates every performance. Her passion, expertise, and love for her students are showcased through all her actions."

Angie Tharitimanont

DSOA Theatre '22

BA Theatre, Musical Theatre Emphasis, University of Southern California

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Coming in as someone who had no dance training, Michelle (Ms. P) took me under her wing and made sure I reached my fullest potential as a dancer during my four years at Dreyfoos. She cares so much about each and every one of her students and always brings her best self to every space she walks into. I thank her endlessly for where I am now, and I truly could not have done it without her. As a director/choreographer, she’s very collaborative in the space and lets you try things without fear of failing. Any student that gets to be in a class with her is in great hands not only when it comes to the industry, but also in life. 

Juan Carlos Romero Muñoz

DSOA Theatre '20

BFA Musical Theatre, Point Park University

Michelle Petrucci (Ms. P), creates an environment where you can feel vulnerable and safe to share your art. I had the opportunity to work with Ms. P in so many areas of theatre. From performance, dance, marketing, and arts administration, Ms. P has a deep passion for her students and the arts. She will push you to be the best version of yourself and is a compassionate and caring teacher. My favorite rule of hers was rule number 5, "Fight for what you want." This rule has always served as a motto for me both in the arts and in life. Thank you Ms. P for sharing your love and guidance with me and so many students, I am forever grateful.

Sammy Peitz

DSOA Theatre '23

BFA Acting Major, University of Florida

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"Michelle has developed a dance curriculum that is comprehensive and meticulous, and has inspired hundreds of students – dancers and non-dancers alike – to appreciate both the work and the joy of musical theatre dance. She holds herself and her students to the highest standards while making it clear that she cares deeply for their personal and professional progress. Her current students are lucky to have her and their respect and admiration for her is clear"

Bruce Linser

Former DSOA Theatre Dean

Dramaworkshop Manager, Palm Beach Dramaworks

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"Ms. P has this incredibly easygoing yet disciplined way of teaching dance that makes anyone of any skill level feel like they belong in her studio. Ballet barre in her class is set to anything from Lady Gaga and Queen to Ben Platt and Lin Manuel Miranda, making that essential part of class feel fun and relevant. She made health of the mind and body an integral part of my training with not just helpful tips dropped during dance class, but also entire classes dedicated to yoga and meditation. From taking class outside on days with good weather to teaching us how to improvise by turning ourselves into eggs, Ms. P makes training healthy, effective, and fun. I can’t stress enough how essential she has been in making me feel comfortable in my body and making me believe that I’m a dancer."

Carsten Kjaerulff

DSOA Theatre '23

BFA Musical Theatre Major, Syracuse University


"Working with Michelle Petrucci has been an absolute pleasure. Her dedication, passion, and expertise have not only made her an exceptional educator and performer but also a remarkable source of inspiration for all fortunate enough to collaborate with her. Michelle's commitment and dedication to her students and her unwavering belief in their potential have touched the lives of many. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her ability to foster a nurturing and motivating environment is truly commendable. Michelle is not only a superb colleague but a shining example of what it means to be a dedicated performer and educator, making a positive impact on the lives of students and colleagues alike."

Marcus Davis

Professional Theatre Artist, DSOA Theatre Guest Music Director

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Michelle Petrucci inspires her students to work hard and to put their own passion into every step. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have had the confidence and preparation to enter this field professionally. In class, she would teach as if we were learning a combination in the audition room which made me more prepared than I could have ever imagined. She was always supportive and engaging in helping us grow as people and artists. Every student that she teaches leaves with something helpful in both life and on the stage. 

Mackenzie Rivera

DSOA Theatre '18

Rent National Tour, Professional Musical Theatre Performer

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"Ms. Petrucci is a superb clinician, choreographer, and artist, and an instructor of the highest caliber. She is never content with adequacy, constantly challenging actors, dancers, fellow artists, students, artistic teams, and herself to surpass base expectations and to explore deeper. Ms. Petrucci demands more from herself than she does anyone else."

Gary Cadwallader

Director of Education, Palm Beach Dramaworks

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